Month: May 2016

Women of the Light 2016

The 22nd annual Women’s Retreat was held on April 15 & 16 at the Lakeside Christian Conference Center in Pittsfield, MA.  We had 88 women and teens in attendance.  Our main speaker this year was Jean Gaffin, wife of Professor Dick Gaffin, emeritus.  With her guidance we focused on the spiritual transformation from darkness into light that God has performed for us, and the implications for our lives today. Elizabeth Horst served as our teen speaker for the weekend and the young girls were enthusiastic about their time with her as well. Janet Powers held a workshop called “Walking in the Light” based on Ed Welch’s book Side by Side. 

Thankfully, our costs were covered by the registration fees, the donations from our Presbytery churches, and a voluntary offering of all attendees.

Next year’s speaker will be Ellen Dykas, of Harvest Ministries, USA.  We are looking forward to hearing her April 21 & 22 at Lakeside.

Recordings of the main address and workshop are available on this site along with some pictures of the event.  They may be of continued encouragement to some who were not able to attend.  May God continue to be glorified through this annual retreat.